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Forest Flutters

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Quartz and Morganite Butterfly Leaf Earrings
Nickel Free Ear Hooks
Height: 4.25 in
Brass: Leaves, Butterflies
Quartz and Morganite 

Quartz Properties: Universal healing stone. Awakening. Amplifying. Transmitting energy and clarifying thought processes. Quartz can be used for processes throughout the entire body or to amplify the energy of other crystals. It balances the immune system, provides clarity in thinking and awareness, and improves memory.

Morganite Properties: soft and calming, love and light. Morganite is a magician of the hearts nurtures those ready to be opened up to the wonders of the world. This light pink stone invites love to ebb and flow and turns healing vibrations inwards allowing you to be filled with self-love, self-respect, and self-care. Morganite nurtures communication, connection and releases attachments that are holding you back from from true happiness.

Customer Reviews

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Delicately Beautiful!

These are even prettier in person, would order again! I would be aware though, the shipping is very slow, so if you need a gift be sure to think WAY ahead, or pay for express shipping I guess, although much of the time was just waiting to leave the vendor. My order was confirmed on Jan 7th, they were delivered on Jan 22nd.
GOOD NEWS, You won't be disappointed in the earrings once they arrive!