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Lost Among the Clouds

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Opalite Cloud Earrings
Nickel Free Ear Hooks
Height: 3.75 in
Brass: All Brass Components

Opalite Properties: Transition. Spirituality. Psychic Abilities. Opalite is highly energetic and ideal for meditation as it improves communication on all level and removes blockages of the chakras. Assisting during transitional periods, Opalite provides strength in verbalizing hidden feelings. Opalite is all-round healing and stabilizes mood swings and helps overcome fatigue. Chakras: Third Eye Chakra.

Customer Reviews

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So cute!!

Oh gosh, these earrings are the best! The design is so cute, with all of the celestial elements, and they are the perfect size. Big enough to see the details clearly but not so big that they get stuck in your hair or poke your neck. They caught my eye immediately in the store and they did not disappoint in person! I'm absolutely in love. Highly recommended!